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RTSP Server and Client

  • RTSP Server - using RTP to send a MJPEG movie. Looks for the movie on 'C:\', and listen to connections on port 554. Supports SETUP, PLAY (and PLAY from specific point), PAUSE, TEARDOWN
  • RTSP Client - using RTP to receive a MJPEG movie. Supports SETUP, PLAY (and PLAY from specific point), PAUSE, TEARDOWN
Based on the exercise proposed on The MJPEG format used is explained on the same page. A movie encoded on this format can be downloaded from

Distributed Coordination - simulations on one computer

  • Uniriotec.DC.CoordDist.Centralizada - Implementation of the centralized approach
  • One process is the coordinator;
  • Whenever a process wants to enter the critical section (CS), it sends a request to the coordinator;
  • The coordinator grants permission to enter the CS. If there is already a process on the CS, the requests are enqueued;
  • Uniriotec.DC.CoordDist.Distribuida - Implementation of the totally distributed approach, uses Lamport's clock syncronization. Ricart and Agrawala’s algorithm ( )
  • When a process wants to enter the CS, it:
    1. Sends a timestamped request message to all OTHER processors
  • When a process receives a request message:
    1. If it is neither requesting nor executing the CS, it returns a reply message
    2. If it is requesting the CS, but the timestamp on the incoming request is smaller than the timestamp on its own request, it returns a reply message. Meaning that the other process requested access first.
    3. Otherwise, it defers answering the request. (It is answered once it releases the lock)
  • Uniriotec.DC.CoordDist.Base - Implements classes to abstract the connection / communication between threads, so that the implementation of a distributed algorithm simulation is simplified, and only focused on the algorithm itself.
  • Uniriotec.DC.CoordDist.Base.Distribuida - Sample project, showing the totally distributed approach to mutual exclusion ( Ricart and Agrawala’s algorithm ) again, just to show how to use, the abstraction layer.

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